hatem.zidi resume

Who am I

Mainly a ninja developer and currently an avid full stack software architect, I worked for various startups and international companies as a senior R&D software engineer and software architect.

As an open source advocate, I enjoy sharing theย simplistic/simpliest approach to design solutions while spreading the word on the best practices, technics, open source and software architecture design by speaking at conferences and events.

I’m available to speak or write about either of these topics, so please contact me if thatโ€™s your particular bag.

Curious about futuristic and new technology and constantly looking for new inspiration.

Still terrified of IE (Internet Explorer) since version 6.

Passionate about photography, sci-fi, comics and all types of latte.

I blog infrequently… and I’m bald.

Currently an insomniac father, living in europe, traveling a lot and continuously searching to defeat the challenges.